I Follow the Moon (full album)

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Original Release Date: November 11, 2019
Release Date: November 11, 2019
Label: Wonderlukah
Total Length: 40:08
Album name: I Follow the Moon




  1. I Follow the Moon
  2. Bringing Me Down
  3. Running From, Running From
  4. I Gotta Leave
  5. In the Darkness (feat. Ksherwoodops)
  6. You Make It Easy
  7. Safe Asleep
  8. Duele Despertar
  9. Where Did You Go?
  10. Thor the Chocolate Lab
  11. The Only Constant Thing

1 review for I Follow the Moon (full album)

  1. the Management


    A journey like no other! Compassionate music – stunning lyrics

    A masterpiece. This is a masterpiece. I know no artist with such a perfect sense of music.

    And while Malukah has grown from a cover artist to a unique original musician, she never lost her way. While loving and living video game music as well, this side of her shows the unique artist behind the Dragonborn and Skyrim legend Malukah.

    My favorite song: In the Darkness (Guitar Solo is from another planet!)

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